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Welcome to Silent Orbit!


Inspired by the circle of fifths,  the "Flower of harmonization" was born. Enchanted by its beauty, I got obsessed with geometrical patterns inside the circle. I made effort to find patterns that would support and liberate my lyrical melodies. 

"The design" literally speaks about this: the design of the harmony in the songs. In parallel it speaks about the design of life and the Universe. More so, the invisible design that makes things around us "beautiful".

"Oscar's song" is a true story, dedicated to Oscar Salas, a legendary Cuban conga player that took me in his ensemble and was teaching me conga and Cuban music in Macedonia. The song came to me in a dream.

"Dharma" in Sanskrit means "to do the right thing". The energy of the song is the moment when you search inside you for the right thing, not really knowing what it really is, and there is suffering, inner urge for liberation and joy, all combined together in a ball of rhythm and fire. 

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