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"Aneta is a multitalented artist with endless depth of her soul and performance. She is so versatile and sensitive."

- Garo, Tavitjan Jr, composer, producer, drummer


"Aneta has a beautiful blend her spirituality and yearning for mastery that is not only wildly impressive, but inspiring as well. The emotional response her music brings to people is pure and I hope everyone can experience it"

- James Robbins, composer, double bass player

"In world with a din of sounds and wonderful voices, there's always some that stands out. She's been composing since the 2nd grade, and started singing professionally at the age of 15 in a female vocal trio called P.S.

Entering a Jazz academy in Macedonia at 25, she had already been heavily affected by Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Schuur and Kevin Mahogany. 

Stevie Wonder was a huge inspiration for her - "...his voice and energy inspired me to say to myself: yes, music is my path; making music and making people happy is my goal." Her sultry, playful voice merges with the sounds & tempos, flowing right into you like warmth on a frosty day. Her vocal sound resonating with all her joy, tinged with just enough sadness.

Aside from performing with her native Macedonia: Astibo Jazz Festival, Skopje Fest 2008, a Theatre play in Prishtina, etc. She has also performed in Thessaloniki and as far away as South Africa. Aneta Kacurkova is certainly of the best in South Eastern Europe, and part of a wave of contemporary Macedonians who are reshaping their culture." 

- Kerwin Williams


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